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Motivational quotes from people of wisdom to help inspire recovery from environmental & invisible illness.

Motivation Quotes to Carry You Into Autumn

Woman with "Focus" painted on her raised fistAs we head full steam ahead into the autumn / fall with the prospect of darker nights and the cold winter ahead, we've compiled a selection of inspiring motivational quotes from some of the world's great leaders (past & present) and inspiring figures.

We hope they give you that mental boost you need to keep going and push through, not just the changing seasons, but also the troubles you may be dealing with in your life, whether difficult invisible illnesses like charonic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), chronic Lyme disease - or any other issues at all - from relationship issues to the loss of employment and financial hardship.

Never give up - we hope these nuggets of wisdom give you strength!

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